Winter Skin

‘Tis the season for dry skin, chapped lips and breakouts”

While we love cosy nights in, roaring fires and toasted marshmallow lattes, we just don’t like what it does to our skin.
top tips to keep your skin in top shape through the colder months.

Here are my top tips to keep your skin in top shape through the colder months.

  1. While a skin specific moisturiser is highly recommended, so are humectants such as hyaluronic acid to attract moisture to the skin.
  1. Just like you were a coat to keep warm and keep out the cold, wear an Spf to shield harmful UV light and the cold biting wind.
    Most Spf’s also contain antioxidants to assist in cellular repair.
  1. Pop a mask on it!
    Hydrating masks contains all the skin loving ingredients such as ceramides and humectants, which help prevent TEWL – water evaporating from the surface of the skin.
  1. From the inside out..
    Eat your good fats, ie. Omega 3, especially found in oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocado. If you suffer from dry/ chapped skin on your hands an omega supplement can be really beneficial.
  1. From the outside in.. Likewise moisturisers and serums containing ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol mimic the biomimetic factors of your skin, hold onto hydration and help maintain a healthy barrier function.

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