Blooming Mama To Be Tanning Balm


Show your skin a little love! Specially formulated for pre and post-partum our antioxidant rich ‘Blooming Mama To Be Tan’ will restore and enhance the promised pregnancy glow.

This revolutionary maternity tanning formula maintains skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent stretchmarks, whilst providing a gorgeous golden colour to maximise your wellbeing both during pregnancy and after the arrival of your little one.

Hydrates, Nourishes, Protects against stretchmarks, Rich in Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, CQ10, Vitamin E, Transfer resistant, Develops over 6-8 hours, Fragrance free.

Tanning Tips

*Prep skin in advance & apply Lusso Tan Maternity Primer.

*If applying with hands remember to rinse immediately after application.

*Starting at the ankle glide the formula onto the skin using long, sweeping upwards motions.

*Leave to develop over 6-8 hours.

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