Calm Down – After Wax Ice Gel


  • For use after facial waxing
  • Hydrates skin
  • Calms and reduces redness
  • Contains a hair retardant to weaken hair growth
  • Vegan
“Why Calm Down?
Throughout our years waxing, training and listening to other Waxperts stockists we knew that something was needed for after facial waxing to help cool the skin and soothe the area for the client. We wanted something lightweight and not oil based.
We knew something the client could apply regularly themselves for the 48hours after they were waxed would be better than something we could use once on them in the salon.
We also know that the addition of the hair retardant would be loved by anyone getting lip or facial waxing done in particular. We are so delighted with the finished product Calm Down and are proud of the innovation it contains. It is the perfect addition to the Waxperts family of retail products.”
– Ellen & Trish.

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