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New Year, a Chance to Start Afresh!

Happy new year! Some people love it, some loath it, personally I love a new year and a chance to start afresh, change old habits and add in new ones.

Making a promise to look after your skin is always an easy way to start, long term change is not easy but consistency is key.

Here are six skin-care resolutions to take on-board for 2022..

  1. Wear SPF every day

When considering the fight against aging your number 1 anti-aging cream is sunscreen. Make a commitment to wearing sunscreen as part of your morning routine.

  1. Change your pillow case regularly

To put it bluntly you wouldn’t wear your underwear two days in a row, and the same should be said for your pillow cases!

  1. Don’t sleep in your make-up

Sleeping in your make-up can cause many different skin issues – clogged pores, breakouts to name a few.

Wash your face before your head hits the pillow – very simple but very effective!

  1. Have a consistent routine

Over-scrubbing, over-exfoliating and over-applying products is not necessarily good for your skin. In some cases a simple effective skin-care routine with a sunscreen, cleanser and moisturiser is as effective, as long as you are using them consistently.

  1. Say no to tanning beds and smoking

Both will cause your skin to age quicker, giving a dry, dull or ruddy appearance, and most importantly increases your changes of developing skin cancer. Avoid smoking if at all possible and tanning beds are a huge no-no.

  1. Drink more water

Drinking water does not automatically give us dewy skin, but what it does do is at a cellular level it flushes out our system and hydrates our bodies overall. What it will do is prevent dehydration which will be seen on your skin as a loss of elasticity, sagging or premature fine lines.

Ready for The Best Skin of Your Life?

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